Excitement at Rapid Wings Farm

If you have visited us lately, you may have noticed a few things going on at Rapid Wings, new faces, new facilities, changing appearance....

As most of you already know, ownership of the business has changed hands.  This change may not be too obvious since it's still in the family and Leonard is still a familiar face at Rapid Wings, but Leonard's daughter, Lee and her husband Dan have officially become owners and are working hard to update and improve our bird habitat and your hunting experience while still keeping our basic values and goals.

Some of these updates include a cozy clubhouse and availability to running water and flushing toilets! We also have renewed our European Tower Hunt shooting stations, with ongoing work of trimming trees and tending to the round-about path. The bird pens are seeing some revamping as well. The parking lot has been enlarged as well as added space for our firepit area and room to bring your camper or tent.

Our farm has become a destination for youth education activities and pollination projects too.

Updates are continuing with vision and motivaton. Hopefully you will have time to visit us soon to enjoy some exceptional bird hunting and enjoy some comaraderie with us in the clubhouse or while relaxing by the bonfire. 

We look forward to seeing you!

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