European Style Hunt

Featuring eighteen stations strategically placed for maximum bird harvest, with capacity for 18 to 36 hunters. Stations one through eleven are located in the wooded area which will present some challenging shots, while stations twelve through eighteen are in more open spaces as a confidence builder.


A minimum of 10 birds are released for each hunter from a centrally located stand, approximately 150 yards away. This presents some of the finest passover shooting available. We offer one of the most diverse tower hunts around. (Options for 15 or 20 birds per hunter also available)




At calculated intervals, hunters will rotate to the next station so they have the opportunity to shoot from each station.

With a little help this hunt is wheelchair accessible.


After all birds are released the fields will be open for a clean-up hunt, to harvest those birds that dared escape.

Birds will be dressed and bagged for pick-up after the hunt.

Dogs with Handlers are provided if needed.




All arrangements must be made prior to the hunt.

All hunts are reservation only.

Prices are subject to change with seasonal availability of birds. Tower hunts are offered year round. 

We are open to the Public.

No Membership required.



Requirements: Hunter orange, eye and ear protection. Shot size no larger than #6 shot.

ABSOLUTELY no magnum loads.

This is a must see challenge.     A challenge worth experiencing.

Contact Details

 Rapid Wings Pheasant Farm

12591 Hawkins Road

 Hubbard Lake, MI 49747




Preserve Hours

Daylight to Dark

(Legal hunting hours)


We accept cash, check, debit, credit, Venmo, and Paypal