Field Hunts

All Field Hunts have an eight pheasant minimum @ $22/ bird. Which may be shared by two hunters. A minimum of four birds per hunter thereafter. Any number of additional birds may be purchased. There are no bag limits, hens and roosters are equal game. Chukars and Bobwhite quail are $16.00/bird when available.


Guided hunts are available @ $50.00 per dog and handler.

Bird cleaning is available @ $2.00 per breasted bird and $3.50 per whole bird.  

Guides and cleaning need prior request to the hunt.

Suggestions: For optimal hunt enjoyment, six to eight birds per hunter is recommended.

A maximum of five to six hunters per dog and handler normally allows each hunter ample shooting.

Hunting seasons are August 15th thru April 30th for Michigan Game Birds. Non-Michigan Game Birds may be taken at anytime.

All hunts are by reservation only and prices are subject to change with seasonal availability of birds.

Open to the Public.

No Membership required.

Please Note: We abide by all Michigan DNR guidelines. Hunter Orange, eye and ear protection is required. Shot size no larger than #6 shot. ABSOLUTELY no magnum loads.

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 Rapid Wings Farm

12591 Hawkins Road

 Hubbard Lake, MI 49747





Preserve Hours

Daylight to Dark

(Legal hunting hours)

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